About Sagar

Sagar Jadhwani, a Triple CCNP (RS/Security/Design) & Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) is a highly experienced and extremely driven senior technical instructor, network consultant and Youtuber. He has been training networking courses for more than 7 years, teaching on a wide range of topics including Routing and Switching, Design, Service Provider and Security. In addition, he has been developing and updating the content for these courses. He has assisted many engineers in passing out the lab examinations and securing certifications.

He is highly skilled at designing, planning, coordinating, maintaining, troubleshooting and implementing changes to various aspects of multi-scaled, multi-platform, multi-protocol complex networks as well as course development and instruction for a technical workforce in a varied networking environment. His experience includes responsibilities ranging from operating and maintaining PC’s and peripherals to network control programs for multi-faceted data communication networks in LAN, MAN and WAN environments.

He has a channel on YouTube “BitExpert” where he uploads training content every week so that the students can take the maximum benefit of the knowledge he has gained as he believes that “power is gained by sharing knowledge, not hoarding it



Sagar Jadhwani