HIBERFIL.SYS AND PAGEFILE.SYS are system-generated files. They are used by Windows for hibernation and virtual memory control.

The hiberfil.sys is meant to be the same size as your MEMORY (which is ram + virtual). The amount of virtual memory that you have can vary widely depending on your windows settings and how you use your device. If you don’t ever use hibernation, then disable this and you can get that disk space back.

Windows uses a page file (pagefile.sys) as virtual memory because you only have a finite amount of physical random access memory (RAM). It sits on your hard drive or SSD (C:\pagefile.sys) ready to receive things as necessary and the size is dictated by the amount of RAM in your system, it matches. It is not recommended to delete pagefile.sys so i have moved it to D drive to free some space in C drive.

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